Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum system near me Milwaukee, WI

EASY-FLO Central Vacuum

Easy-Flo central vacuums manufactures high quality central vacuums that are known to be powerful, quiet and most of all affordable. Easy-Flo central vacuum systems are good for condos, townhomes or houses. Central Vacuum Center is a Easy-Flo central vacuum dealer, we offer a large selection of accessories for upgrading any Easy-Flo central vacuum system. We carry a wide variety of attachments, vacuum hoses, motors and supplies for Easy-Flo central vacuums. For more information about Easy-Flo central vacuums please stop by for a vacuum challenge at West Bend Vacuum Center located in West Bend Wisconsin.

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Central Vacuum Cyclo Vacuum

Cyclo Vac central vacuum is synonym of high quality vacuum cleaners. With over 45 years of central vacuum research and development, Cyclo Vac continues to design, manufacture and market vacuum cleaner systems, which have alternately revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry.

Vacuum power, indoor air quality, quietness due to its unique design, efficiency and ease of use are but some of the many advantages to owning a Cyclo Vac central vacuum system.Our central vacuum cleaners are manufactured with the highest quality components designed exclusively for Cyclo Vac. Cyclo Vac central vacuums are renowned throughout the world for their reliability, innovative technology and outstanding performance.

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Power Brushes

PN1-383F - Sweep & Groom Electric Carpet Brush

  • Eureka Powerbrush
  • 12″ Cleaning Path
  • Smooth Belt
  • 2.5kg. / 5.5lbs

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PN1 383F

POW0360 - Easy-flow soft clean powerhead w/telescopic wand

  • Easy-Flo soft clean powerhead
  • 12″ Cleaning Path
  • Reinforced Cogged Belt
  • LED Headlight
  • Telescopic Quick Release Wands with Cord Management
  • 5 Step Height Adjustment
  • Double Jointed Neck for Precision Maneuvering

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